Monday, July 21, 2008

More Religious thoughts

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  1. Love is expressed well with humility, as the Virgin Mary does.
  2. Those that are with God find in rejoicing, glory, love and happiness.
  3. The catholic doctrine is always absolute truth because it is directed and inspired by the Holy Spirit.
  4. The best treasure that can give God you is the Eucharist.
  5. God wants us to give our entire person to him.
  6. One of the main goals of all your life must be to always correspond to the love of Jesus.
  7. God prefers to go mainly towards your heart to communicate with you.
  8. In all class of effort and sacrifice offered to God it is necessary that we give our heart to him.
  9. The love that you demonstrate must always prevail in your life.
  10. All love is according to the absolute truth; also God is love and truth.
  11. God has to glorify in you.
  12. The love of God makes us recognize with justice that we must live with happiness and love.
  13. The sea is very big and has limits but the wisdom and the love of God are infinite.
  14. The Virgin Mary is the woman who more loves has given God.
  15. The Eucharistic Wafer for being Jesus Christ is praised by the holy angels.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Thoughts of theology

"The author of the content of this Web site is: José Andrés Cuadros Del Carpio".
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  1. The love always acts according to the perfect wisdom.
  2. All the marvels that God has done in the nature are to demonstrate his love to the man.
  3. God wants to occupy the first place of importance in your heart, always.
  4. The God's greatness always demonstrates love and wisdom.
  5. The God's love always is present in our life.
  6. The love must be your reason of exist.
  7. Jesus Christ is the person who more wants that you risk for his love.
  8. It is necessary to love God more than one itself.
  9. To be in God's grace is necessary to love.
  10. God must be the captain who handle always the helm of the ship of your life.
  11. Jesus is the person who more can help you.
  12. The secret of the happiness is in the God's love.
  13. The spiritual heart of every human is too important for God, because since there God prefers reign.
  14. Every Christian must feel a son very loved of God.
  15. God does not deserve that you offend him.
  16. A great gift that we can give to God is that we love always.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Religious thoughts

"The author of the content of this Web site is: José Andrés Cuadros Del Carpio".
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  1. The Holy Trinity is present in every space and instant of the universe.
  2. Everything that does the God's love form part of the greatness and Holy Trinity's glory.
  3. The way to go for God is pure love.
  4. The spirit in freedom has a way to move similar to the breeze of the sea.
  5. In Jesus Christ's love everything are of benefit for the man
  6. The happiest and fortunate person is who lives according to God's love.
  7. Do not criticize God because always he is just with the man.
  8. Maria's love towards the humanity is the reflex of the God's love.
  9. The smile of Jesus Christ must be the principal motive of happiness for all the catholics.
  10. The man is who really needs of God always.
  11. The thoughts that are always more universal and perfect are those that come from the God's love.
  12. The real perfect evolution of the man develops always according to the divine love.
  13. Before that Yahve does the universe, always he thought to share his creation with the man, who later he will create for love.
  14. The beauty of the love of Jesus Christ is so wonderful that it is indescribable
  15. Everything that happen in God's creation has been allowed by the divine love.
  16. God's love makes possible that everything that we know exist.
  17. The verse of the God's love is everything good that exist in the universe.
  18. Yahve's love must have the maximum importance to you.
  19. The Virgin Mary is a piece of our humanity in conjunction with the divinity.
  20. The God's love makes you feel Jesus as the principal and more next member of your family.
  21. God' love makes you free.
  22. In the love is the key of the life.
  23. Everything that does the God's love is perfect and wonderful.
  24. The love has infinite meaning.


Monday, April 7, 2008

More Catholic teachings

"The author of the content of this Web site is: José Andrés Cuadros Del Carpio".
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  1. The love that is accessible to all is the greatest treasure that exists.
  2. In the love of truth reflects the power of Jesus Christ.
  3. Love itself is correct and accurate.
  4. Love is the most beautiful of the universe because that God is love.
  5. The ideal and perfect is that you never stop loving.
  6. The divine wisdom teaches you to live well, love.
  7. In the sky is greatly appreciates the act of love.
  8. For us the most important thing should be the divine love, always.
  9. The way of God is perfect because it is love of truth.
  10. From love of the Holy Trinity is all the greatness, beauty and perfection of the universe.
  11. God always wants to share his perfection that is his love.
  12. The act of love should be what most want to perform as well as common among us.
  13. Jesus is the person who most wants to be in your heart.
  14. The greatest manifestation of God's love for man was to become , in the person of Jesus Christ.
  15. Your heart is a spiritual site so beautiful, big and important that God always likes to be there.
  16. God loves you so much that preferred suffer and be humiliated as it was in Jesus Christ rather than all the human souls go to hell.
  17. The love of God always dominates the universe, as all the permits.
  18. For God is beautiful and important to reign in your heart, because it is part of his glory.
  19. For God there is nothing more beautiful you are happy in his love.
  20. God created us with the aim that we are successful and happy in his love.
  21. Whoever gives us the true and only happiness is Jesus Christ and this is true of the Catholic Church.
  22. The sacraments of the Catholic Church are available to all because it is part of the great power of the Holy Trinity.
  23. There is much to be thankful to God for his love, because love that gives us is infinite.


Friday, December 28, 2007

News thoughts of theology

"The author of the content of this Web site is: José Andrés Cuadros Del Carpio".
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  1. The Eucharist is union of the divine, who is Jesus, with men, who they are those that eat his body in the wafer, all this only in the Catholic Church.
  2. It is necessary to trust in God and in his love more than in ourselves, because we are limited consciously, but God is perfect and limitless.
  3. It is not true that God loves the humanity althouhg we are limited and imperfects, but God loves us only because we are limited and specifically humble and imperfects.
  4. Only love can win to the death because love is God, for that reason if Jesus is love, then he could overcome to the death when resurrected, then Jesus is God, because he is love.
  5. Love must be an inexhaustible contagious constant in all your life. So we will understand what God always wants for us.
  6. The moral of the Catholic Church clears freedom to you for the bad things and it does not stop the good things.

    Next the commandments of the love that we propose is the following one, in importance order:

First: "To love God"

Second: "To love the neighbour or fellow"

Third: "To love myself"

This commandments is according to the life of Jesus Christ, specially according to his suffering that had by the humanity and his death.

Why does God allow the badly in the world?

This is because as we are sons of God and that imply to be to image and similarity of Him, then we are similar to It implies that it exists independence, dominion and autonomia of ourselves to decide and to make our own acts, therefore in this last one does not take part God.

It fits then the possibility that the human being makes and decides to do the badly, injustice, destruction, violence, etc.; in special in this world, where the man is who arranges, modifies and dominates. For that reason if exists the badly in the world it is because the man can decide to do the sin, the violence and the self-destruction, because the sin causes the death.
The badly and the death also occurs in this world when people live indifferent to God.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thoughts of theology

"The author of the content of this Web site is: José Andrés Cuadros Del Carpio".
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  1. The sanctity of all the humanity comes from God.
  2. The love is the reason for which the universe and the creation exist.
  3. The love does not have end, nor beginning because always existed, because the love is God.
  4. Somebody say that the love is not to have, but I say that the love yes is to have because it is the perfect reason of existing.
  5. All love that goes in agreement with the intention of God, is true and perfection, because there you find God, because God is love and true.
  6. If you want to see the Virgin Mary as in an authentic photo it is necessary to see: "The Mantle of Guadalupe", of Mexico.
  7. If you want to have an exact idea of Jesus it is necessary to study and to see: "The Mantle of Turin".
  8. In the oration it is necessary to speak to God with absolute "sincerity, simplicity, and privacy to him", and the ideal is that it is by love and not against the love, because so God will want to us to make case when we request to him.
  9. The history demonstrated that the religion always has developed and has made remain the great human civilizations during hundreds of years and also it prepared so that they are strong and they eliminate their internal contradictions, so are the cases of the civilizations Egyptian, Greek and Hebrew.
  10. Acting with humility is the best style of life than we deserve ourselves being creatures and sons of God and it is right style of life. So living a life with humility caused that the Virgin Mary is the mother of God.
  11. The things of the world are fleeting and momentary but the things of God are eternals.
  12. Part of the perfection of God consists of who always his word is made and it is not contradicted.
  13. It is not easy to be God, this demonstrated to Jesus in his passion and death to it.
  14. The human look for their own happiness, but Jesus teaches us to look for preferentially the happiness of everybody and the end the happiness of oneself, by means of the example of his passion and suffering.